What do our choristers say?

Choristers portraitHave a look at what some of our present and former choristers have to say about the experience of singing in our choirs:

“There are many positive aspects related to my time in the choir and I can still see how they have influenced the way I work, behave and interact with others today”

“The effort put into the choir, particularly the hours spent practising is significant, but this is matched by the rewards. At a young age you become aware of the return on effort – i.e. the more you put in, the more you get out of it.”

“The rewards for this effort are huge – the enjoyment gained from a good performance and the feeling of being part of a team working to a common goal, is fantastic”

“The discipline related to meeting the demanding routine is also useful throughout your adult life, be it during study or work”

“The early chance to be part of a team (which includes other children and adults) working to a common goal is important to understand the interactions between team members in later life”

“The regular public performances (be it singing a solo, or with other members of the choir) help to build confidence that can be used in later life in public speaking and giving presentations”

“Reading music can definitely help with mental arithmetic and also solving logical problems”

Find out more about how to become a Chorister at Grimsby Minster by having a look at our current leaflet, or by contacting Steven Maxson, our Director of Music:

01472 277277 | steven.maxson@grimsbyminster.co.uk


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