Inclusive choir

The combined Minster Choirs

The combined Minster Choirs

There is a long tradition of high quality choral singing at Grimsby Minster but recent developments have made the opportunity of being a part of this wonderful tradition much more inclusive.

The main Minster Choir is now open to girls, boys, and teenagers from any school in the area, as well as to experienced adult singers.  The Minster’s Director of Music has launched a number of projects working with children both at the Minster and in their schools which has seen the number of children singing at the Minster more than double since Christmas.  Members of the Minster Choir come from eight different local schools, academies, and colleges, including 70% from just one school: Lisle Marsden Primary Academy!

Since September 2014, a second choir has been formed to sing at services in the Minster, now known as the Minster Singers.  This is a group of teenagers and adults, all of whom are highly skilled singers and sight-readers and rehearse briefly before singing one or two monthly services.  This has further broadened the base of singers at the Minster, including opening regular opportunities up to adult singers who had previously been denied the chance to sing here.

In addition to these two Minster choirs, we welcome two children’s choirs to rehearse weekly at the Minster, both organised by the local Music and Performing Arts Service.  These two choirs, Songbirds and Youth Voices, take children from age 5 to late teens and are non-auditioning.

There is truly a choir for everyone at the Minster!



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